Monday, June 28, 2004

Cancer. Again.

I posted this once already, then deleted it. I'm doing this again from memory because I don't want to pull the letter out again. I'm afraid if I touch it too many times I'll void its value. Stupid, I know.

I just got a phone call from my Dad. His biopsy was positive. Rather than go into the details I'm going to post a copy of the letter I wrote to my mom last year. She died of breast cancer on May 17th, 2003. I know you're waiting for something fun and exciting, but for today I'm going to take it easy. Thanks for indulging me.


June 11, 2003

Remember the time I fell off the bridge trying to show off for the girl next door? I was so sure you were going to whip me when they carried me home I didn't care how much I was bleeding. But you cleaned me up and told me to wear long pants so Dad wouldn't know how stupid I was. I never told you but that was really cool.
And that time when I was 16 and wrecked the car and you brought me to Dad's shop to confess, I heard you call him first and tell him not to kill me. I know he yelled at you, but you took the brunt of it for me. I never thanked you for that. I always meant to.
Dad misses you. I've been showing him how to do things. Can you believe it? I bet you never thought I'd use those lessons on how to load a dishwasher or separate laundry. Em's been helping, too, but you know how Dad is. He'd rather hear it from me.
Katybug turned 1 year old last week. She's stumbling all over the place. She took 11 steps last week. She saw your photograph and said "Meemaw!" Em has been showing her the tape of your last day home so she won't forget you.
Damn I miss you. Sorry for swearing.


Me and my dad, taken on my birthday in April, 2004:

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