Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Cheating bastard

Someone in my office distributed a survey on cheating. One of the rookies whose girlfriend is still in college and doing this for class asked us to take a minute to fill it out. I can only imagine what sort of answers Bianca gave.

The purpose of the survey was to establish the varying definitions for cheating and then to decide which sex/age/marital status cheats more often. I ran a copy before I handed it back to him. Skipping the age/gender/etc. stuff, here are the questions:

By your own definition, what do you consider cheating:
1. Flirting?
2. Cyber/phone sex?
3. Touching intimately?
4. Kissing?
5. Oral sex?
6. Sexual intercourse?
7. Have you ever cheated by your own definition?
8. Have you ever cheated by your partner's definition?
9. Have you cheated more than once?
10. Do you have a child with the person you cheated on?
11. Do you believe your partner would cheat on you?
12. Would you stay with your partner after learning he/she cheated by your definition?

Short answer
13. Why do people cheat?

After I copied these questions into the computer I folded the form in half and dropped it in Jasmine's inbox on the way to the restroom. I wrote, "Still want me?" at the top. I'll let you know what she says.

FYI, Flirting is okay in my book. Cyber/phone sex crosses that fine line and everything else is way over. I don't subscribe to Clinton's definition of "sexual relations with that woman."