Thursday, June 03, 2004

The dark side of gossip

Women don't work well together. Let me say that again, women do NOT work well together. Everyday there is some sort of melodrama unfolding outside my office. I often wonder what would be more detrimental to my assistant if she were abducted and gagged: being kidnapped and fearing death or not being able to gossip? It's amazing what the women here will do to bad mouth the others.

This one assistant is pretty hot and tends to keep to herself. They hate her. They think she's a bitch because she doesn't mingle with them while they dismember the daily victim, whomever that pour soul may be. They are like sharks, their bodies swerving back and forth as they swim around, eyeing her. Her name is the same as a flower, Jasmine. The others have shortened her name to "Jazz" and I regularly hear the phrase, "All that Jazz" anytime Jasmine is being discussed with disdain. This, of course, always happens behind her back.

To all the women out there, remember one thing: It's impossible to gossip alone; therefore, at least one other person will always know how catty you are.

I'll talk more on Jasmine tomorrow. She's worth hearing about.