Friday, June 04, 2004

Ring around the penis

Ahh, the sweet smell of Jasmine in the mornings. Why this woman is single, I will never know. She's got a mouth like a sailor once you get her warmed up, but it takes a while. There are only a few of us, all men, at the office that she feels comfortable enough to talk to. Can't blame her there. Just this morning my assistant, Sarah, felt compelled to inform me Jasmine appeared to have shown up to work "panty-free." Hell, my dick sprang straight up. What did she expect? She called me a pig and waddled back out to her desk, ignoring me the rest of the day.

When I returned to the office after lunch today I found Jazz reapplying her lipstick at her desk. I asked her if she was getting dolled up. She said, "Nope, just getting ready to leave a ring." Just like that, her eyes never left the little mirror she was holding. Once the shock dissipated I laughed and as usual there wasn't a damn person nearby to hear it. She's cool like that. Someday when I get married, I want my wife to be like Jazz. For now though, I don't have the balls to ask her out. But when I do, she will adore me and I'll wear her lipstick rings to work every day.

Keep dreaming, Jay.