Tuesday, June 01, 2004


The safe failed! Cliff was pissed today. He strolled in at the crack of noon, bitching and swearing about his theiving spawn. Turns out the little hoods not only figured out his combination, which was probably his birthdate knowing him, but they smoked all his dope and took all his cash and left behind a note that said "thanks, dad." And the worst part was that he couldn't even talk about it. The broker in the office adjacent to his, Michael, has been on the DEA's list of potential employees for a year. Mike has an 8 hour polygraph this Thursday, part of the job interview with the DEA. In the last one he was asked if he knew of anyone using illegal drugs. As a matter of fact, yes he does! Mike was ticked off for months after that first poly. It just made him look bad to have to disclose that he knew someone who is a regular user. Cliff is small time and even the DEA has said it isn't interested in him, but with his need to gossip and share knowledge, Cliff is an easy informant. They'll be contacting him later on.

Mike's situation is at the complete opposite end of the scale to Cliff. Mike desperately wants to clean up the world and make it a better place for him and his girls. Or at least, in respect to illegal drugs and the crime it creates. Mike is also a swinger. He and his wife go banging once a month. They like to invite at least one other person into the mix but their down with groups of couples, too. I guess the DEA doesn't ask questions about swinging on their polygraphs. When Mike and I chat online I have to use an encrypted line. His paranoia is out of the park. He's invited me to swing with them in the past. I've seen his wife. She's no prize.