Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Another stupid quiz

Got this quiz site off Aimee, but had to alter it just a bit. If it had an outcome it would be much cooler, but my life was outrageously boring today and I'm too lazy to drudge up any of the humiliating shit from my past that you people like to know about me. Sick twisted fucks.

My kind of crowd.

I'll do some bloggity blog blogging tomorrow. Tally ho!

him or her?her
gentle or rough?gentle
fake it or notnot
left or right?right
east or west?west
north or south?south
top or bottom?bottom
upright or lying down?upright
give or receive?give
spit or swallow?swallow
drink or drive?drink
europe or jamaica?europe
cat or dog?dog
me or you?you
perky or droopy?perky
hard or soft?soft
suck or blow?suck
nipples or navels?navels
necks or ear lobes?necks
nude or clothed?nude
blonde or brunette?brunette
green or blue?green
blue or brown?blue
short or tall?tall
try and fail or fail to try?try and fail
standing or sitting?standing
from behind or above?behind
chocolate or vanilla?vanilla
vanilla or strawberry?vanilla
yes or no?yes