Thursday, August 19, 2004

Can I? Can I? Can I?

Conversation over dinner:

"I want to post those pictures on my blog."


"Why not?"


The puppy eyes go into effect. "Pleeeease!"

An eyeroll is bestowed upon me. "No, Jay. I don't want some cyber shrine out there for weirdos to see me."

She wasn't talking about you folks, FYI, she was sincerely referring to stalkers and such. Jasmine is outrageously private, unlike myself. "No weirdos will see them. Except The Dave, but he's in Colorado."

"The who?"

"Forget it. Come on, Jazz, I'll give you a massage."

She laughs. "I've had your massages, sweetie, and no offense but you're not bargaining for anything with that."

Ouch. In my defense, the massage is merely a tool to get her naked, thus, I am generally not concerned with quality but with attaining my goal. "I'll let you beat me in air hockey."

"I don't need you to let me. Remember?"

One lucky shot and she thinks she has redefined the game. Perhaps a compromise. "How about just one? You pick. Come on, baby, they think you're a man."

She laughs again. "What? Nevermind. No, Jay. Want my greek olives?"

"Sure." As I suck the meat off the pit, a sentence I will never utter out loud, I consider my options. I got a big negative on asking, begging and compromising. Time to break out the big guns.

"I didn't want to have to do this..." She sighs and glares at me in obvious agitation. I am fully aware I risk celibacy, but I'm confident I can turn this around. "Those people not only jumped to your defense yesterday, but some of them thought about you all day and came back time and time again to post suggestions. A couple even offered to whip his ass. Don't you think that at least warrants a peep?"

Precious seconds ticked by. She stared, wheels turning, I could see it. I struggled to keep a straight face when all I wanted to do was grin like a fool and kiss her. It was coming. She was gonna cave. Just a few more seconds. And then she started shaking her head. Damn! She's slipping!

"Jazz, honestly...I just want to show you off. I just want to tell people, 'I'm with her.'"

She groaned and it was all over. "Fine." Yes! "But only one, Jay, I mean it. No shrine a la Jasmine. Understand?"

"Got it. Thank you!" I must have flashed every tooth in my mouth I was smiling so big. "You're so good to me."

"You owe me."

Okay, so here's how it's gonna work. Just to make a little more sport of it, I'm posting a link to the original photo without editing. This is the bridesmaids photo with the bride. Jasmine is one of the eight bridesmaids. Guess which one is her and when it's over I'll crop it down and email the answer to The Party.


Start guessing!