Thursday, August 05, 2004

Deviance at its finest

Once a month I take public transportation downtown to meet my clients who are far wealthier than I and are unwilling to meet me in suburbia. Parking is a joke downtown. Once a week I hear about some imbecile who gave a $10 to a poser in a dirty t-shirt with beer on his breath at 9am who claimed to be the lot attendant. Five hours later the car is gone, towed off by the lot owner who discovers it parked illegally.

I actually enjoy the Metro ride downtown. I take the bus first, then the rail and vice versa on the way home. Yesterday while I was standing at the Metro stop a man walked across the street to stand near me. He was wearing dirty jeans two sizes too large, hadn't shaved in weeks, smelled like skunk ass, and was carrying a white U.S. postal crate that read "IT IS A PUNISHABLE CRIME TO REMOVE THIS CRATE FROM THE PREMISES." So much for theft detterence.

I put some distance between us, then heard a nagging voice in my head, not the female one but the male one this time (there are so many it's hard to keep them straight), reprimanding me for judging this person for being lower class or even homeless. Arrogant bastard. Am I any better than he because my shoes are shined and my tie is silk? Because my abs are rock solid and my perky ass is taut and yummy? No, my friend. I am not. This fella has had a hard life, provoked by social constructions that encourage him to have what I have, but rob him of the capital to do so, forcing upon him a miserable livelihood riddled with obstacles. What a dick I am. I walked back under the covered port where he was at.

That's when he pulled out a 6 inch blade and started polishing it with his dirty, deviant, crack infested shirt. I trotted my judgmental ass to the next bus stop two blocks away. Fuck humanity.