Monday, August 23, 2004

Introducing audio

Let's have a little audio fun. I have set up an Audio Blogger account for Right-Brained wherein anybody can place an audio message directly onto my blog. Here's how it works:

Dial the following telephone number:


After Audio Blogger answers enter the following as your phone number:


The temporary PIN for this round is:


It's like leaving a message on someone's voicemail. You will have the opportunity to listen to it first and then publish or delete it. If this loser can do this shit anyone can.

For those who are audio-shy, I have located this slick ass site by AT&T that will allow you to type your message, then choose a voice to speak it for you. Same process with the phone, but instead of speaking you click play on the website and let the PC talk for you.

Wait a second...did I just write an entire post without using the word fuck?