Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Sexual harassment

Yesterday morning Jasmine mentioned to one of the senior brokers that she interned for a television station downtown during college. That evening she got an email from him at her personal email address stating he’d been considering running for President just so he could have an intern like her. He got her address from the back of an Avon catalog she’d left in the kitchen, a hobby of hers. She chose to ignore him and did not reply.

Tonight he emailed her a photo of a nude man going down on a nude woman with a caption that read “Do me and I’ll do you, too.”

I went fucking ballistic. First of all, he’s married. Second of all, he’s 60. Third of all, I’m going to kill him so the first two are moot points anyway.

She won’t tell me how she plans to deal with it. Honestly, I don’t think she knows yet. She went home very confused. She doesn’t want to ruin his career, but reporting this will go on his U-4 and that will follow him around forever. Not reporting it leaves her and every woman after her vulnerable. I trust her to do what’s right from a professional standpoint, but this shit needs to be settled man to man after the paperwork is done.