Thursday, August 12, 2004

Weblog Review of Right-Brained

Read the Right-Brained Review by The Weblog Review!

...He also writes one of the most intriguing blogs I’ve ever read. I felt Right Brained had a strange voyeuristic nature to it like watching one of those reality TV programs complete with a variety of curious characters. Jay shares many stories about his co-workers and people in his life, his successes and failures. All with a matter of fact, simple honestly that I found very readable and appealing. Most of the entries are very entertaining, funny and well written. Stories about Cliff, ‘The Dave’, his family and of course Jasmine...

I'm loved! I don't know how The Dave's ass got mentioned in my review, but I'll forgive it. One fucker said I "swear" too much. It's called cussing, yankee, and it's a symbol of affection 'round these parts. But she still gave me props for my writing. Aww, gosh dammit that's sweet!