Monday, September 20, 2004

100% 'Oh, Jay' from concentrate

I don’t fabricate or fantasize or pretend my life is something it isn’t. I’m not secretly a 50-ish overweight bastard with no hair, a little dick, a long scrotum, three ex-wives, and a dog with one limp ear. I’m exactly what I say I am, good and bad. So when people politely say I should write novels, I’m not being rude when I brush them off. I’m simply admitting a truth. I don’t have any idea how to. I struggle to quote people so I get my retelling as accurate as possible. And when I can’t, I summarize for fear of misquoting someone who will likely never see what I’ve written in the first place. When I choose an event to retell, the only creative direction I impose is in the form of perspective and grammar. If I could write a kick ass story like Jack I would throw one up here. Instead, you’ll have to settle for my life as and when it happens. Perhaps I’m not truly right-brained. Maybe I’m middle-brained.

I’m driven to entertain. I like when people laugh. I think laughter, which releases hormones I can’t recall the names of, is responsible for longevity and happiness beyond medical understanding. My ego wants to be a part of that. I do stupid shit. I think we all do. And maybe if I show how I can laugh at my own stupid mistakes, other folks might laugh at theirs, too.

I’ve met many great people and believe most people are great not despite surface flaws but because of them. Seeing as how I prefer to take on the role of the entertainer, I appreciate those who represent other roles. I enjoy depth in people. I enjoy opposing sides. I like to know what others think before formulating my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s entirely likely. If so, I’m open to hear it.

I can’t weave you a tale of lore and adventure, lust and passion, but I can throw as much color and flare as possible into how I rolled a pick-up once or opened my front door to find a longhorn standing on the porch. So when you stop by my place and take a peek at my thoughts just know what you’re getting is 100% me in all my naked glory. So, in case I haven't said it in a while...thanks for stopping by.

Now close the door, there’s a draft.