Monday, September 06, 2004

Hello. Have we fucked before?

Had a sex dream about a blogger last night. I’ve written this post several times over, not sure how to approach it. I’m torn between laughing about the juicy, imaginary details with everyone else or possibly making a real life person uncomfortable by telling all of our little blogger community how I made her scream my name on top of the baby grand piano in a room filled with candles.

Perhaps I’ll just leave it at that. I’ve never shared the details of a private moment with any woman, real or not, with anyone. The underwear I was sleeping in have been washed and returned to their rightful place on the shelf in the closet. The two page word document I have written detailing the hottest dream sequence foreplay of my life will be deleted. But the actual sex which I hope to remember for many a porn night will continue to replay vividly in my mind alone.

I wonder though…if she was on my mind Saturday night, was I on hers? Perhaps we had sex together after all.

For entertainment purposes, I copy/pasted this single paragraph from the original retelling I wrote a few hours after I woke Sunday morning:

There was no conversation, no explanation as to why she was there. She just was. Even though she wasn’t speaking I knew she wanted to argue every damn word that had the potential of coming out of my mouth. She was trying to hate me and that had the adverse effect of igniting me instead. Her obstinance provoked me to push her buttons, invert her passion and force her to show me what she was capable of. Despite herself, she would enjoy what I was about to do to her as much I would enjoy doing it.