Thursday, September 16, 2004

Special Jay loving

I like to wrestle with Jasmine. She’s a sturdy girl and though her upper body is typical, she’s got some power in those thighs that keeps it interesting. As long as I can keep her from getting her knees high enough to put her feet against my belly I can usually pin her down. But damn the hormones, when she pulls her knees up and I find myself in between I get distracted and next thing I know I’m across the room clutching my ribs as the footprints fade from my obliques.

Tonight I had her. I fucking had her. Her legs were together, shielding me from her Kryptonite, and pressed to the side while her shoulders were flat on the floor. She tried to give me the eyes but no way, this predator was focused.

“Say it.”

“Fuck you.”

“Not until you say it.”

She started squirming but I had her. I never hold her down by her wrists because I don’t want to bruise her, so instead I hold her fists. I had my body weight keeping her hips in place and one leg pinning both of hers down. It was a terrible position for her to allow herself to get into considering how she defends herself. I think I’ve done this to every girlfriend I’ve ever had, partially to help them learn how to escape an attacker, but partially because it leads to great sex. Can’t be all work and no play, right?

“Say ‘You're the man.’”

After a few choice words from her I decided to turn up the heat. I began to talk into her neck so the vibration would wear her down.

“Jay’s the man, Jay’s the man. Say it, Jazz. Say it. I’m the man. La la la la la laaaaaaaaa!”

But instead of giving me the reward I earned she shouted out, “Danety, get him!”

I couldn’t get off her fast enough. “No!” 120 lbs. of Marmaduke slammed me onto my back and fucking straddled me, planting her ass on my chest and shoving her huge muzzle in my face. I turned my head side to side trying to zerbert out the dog slobber before it seeped in any deeper and commingled with my DNA, creating some kind of freakish dog ass/human slobber bacteria no one had ever heard of.

By the time I freed myself, no help from Jasmine, the mood had passed. “Just for that, no special Jay loving for you tonight.”

She laughed. I think she misunderstood.