Sunday, October 24, 2004

Poetry by Jay, Buzz by Miller Lite

Ode to the female figure

Oh what a beautiful bosom I see
With swells and recesses
And nipples that be

Oh what a lovely cleavage I see
With softness and bounty
And pleasures for me

Oh what a firm derrière it must be
It bounces and tightens
And flexes with glee

Oh what a cute little freckle or three
Bridging the nose
Running cheek to cheek

Oh what a warm luscious mouth of thee
Sassy and sexy
Yet surrenders to me

Oh what a jiggly and wiggly treat
The hiney, the boobies
All dancing for me

Oh what a – Jazz just told me to give it a rest, for Christ's sake.

Next time I will write my drunken prose silently and she will not be able to thwart me, depriving you all of my creative juices. This world is a sad, dark place without my juices.

Time to go mumble against her neck until she giggles herself into a more accessible position.