Monday, October 25, 2004

Strolling down memory lane

Today when I was taking a leak another broker walked in and started a conversation with me while he whipped his shit out. As I stood there, disgusted with the idea of engaging another man while he held his own member, I recalled a blog post I read long ago. I don’t recall who wrote it, but I remember it was a guy upset about people who tried to talk to him while taking a leak in the restroom.

Some time later on I remembered the site of a chic dating a married man (who was separated, I think). Big shit, right? Except that she posted a photo of her boyfriend’s wife’s coochie which she’d found hidden within the files of the hard drive.

I remember a blog about a seal with panties eating beavers. If only I could remember where I read it I’d go back and clarify that one.

I know somewhere I read about a chic getting naked in public with her guy who’s in the service. That’s another one I wish I could recall the owner of.

I remember a blow job post, or maybe it was sex. It was the first post written by someone testing the blog waters. I suspect it was Zelda, but I haven’t been by there to check.

Everything else in my head, all of ya’ll's personal shit you’d never tell your friends and co-workers, is neatly categorized and labeled based on levels of deviance. Freak, Nasty, and just plain Fucked Up Shit. Sometimes when I want a laugh, I hunt down the pumpkin humping story or the beeping fire alarm story or the thong panties as a blanket in church story and realize…you people are not right.

Damn glad we met.