Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hit the pavement

The second race in Houston’s Warm-Up series was this morning, Oshman’s 25k. It was the first long race I’d run since Chicago over a month ago. Same old, same old. A triple loop on pavement with a bagpipe player at the 1, 6 & 11 mile marker (it was a triple loop, remember?). But the bacon and cheese burritos they had for the finishers were pretty damn great. Plus I got another shirt. Yee haw!

Now I’m chilling at home watching the music awards and trying to catch a glimpse of Janet Jackson’s nipple. Just like a woman to flash it when you’re not ready and then hide it when you are.

Well, I could talk about breastages all night but I won’t. There’s more to me than a fascination with hooters, you know. Don’t underestimate my depth. Then again, don’t overestimate it, either. I also like asses and waistlines and legs and knees and ankles and pelvic bones and a pair of wicked hot and sexy scapulas. Yummy. Ironically, I find a woman’s back incredibly erotic. Even with all of the jiggly parts in the front.

In case anyone is interested, I made it to the fantasy football playoffs tonight. I was sitting in 7th place four weeks ago. My team kicks ass.

There’s a bachelor party coming up this weekend. Won’t that be fun? Nothing like a big hickie to ruin Thanksgiving with the soon-to-be in-laws. Not mine, his.

An Egyptian exchange student ran his car into the Public Library downtown today because he said the FBI was following him. He demanded to be deported back to Egypt. The cop who was interviewed said this does not appear to be an act of terrorism, but rather one man's mental breakdown. But what I'm thinking is that maybe this motherfucker knows exactly what he's talking about and we're being placated with the official story. Yeah, I know. One too many Dan Brown novels for me. Either way, let's ship that crazy motherfucker back to Cairo and call it day before he ruins another Mercedes.

If you want a google email account, drop me a line. I've got a few invites available.

Well, I know this post has been incredibly informative and outrageously worth your valuable time, but if you really had something better to do you wouldn’t be blogging during the work day, now would ya?

Tomorrow’s post will be a tear jerker. I don’t actually have anything to write about yet, but I’m sure I’ll make something up before then and pass it off as real. If not, I’ll beat the shit out of Juicy next door and share the sad details. I’m going to carry my fatigued carcass off to bed for now. Hasta la vista, baby.