Tuesday, November 23, 2004

One bomb dropped, one to go

“Jay, why do you keep looking at Jasmine?”

I didn’t move, just kept clicking through the Reuter’s headline stream on my computer looking for news on the KMT & S merger. I hoped if I ignored her, Sarah would walk away. But those hopes were quickly desecrated when she pushed my door closed and crossed her plump little arms.

Just what I needed today. “I don’t know what you mean.”

She’s so expressive in her mannerisms when she talks. I’ve always found that useful to know what she’s really thinking. “Uh huh. You keep walking out and looking at her.”

“I’m looking at you.”

“You’re looking at her, too.” She leaned in with a huge smile. “Do you have a crush?”

“Please.” I went back to my headlines. “Heard anything on the merger today?” Sarah doesn’t let a headline slip by her. She knows it all, particularly the gossip. But sometimes even that is useful information to have. My phone rang. Sarah kept right on talking so I just turned around and answered it anyway.

“This is Jay.”

“Are you under fire?”

It was Jasmine. “Yes, ma’am. How did you know?”

“She just asked me if I’d noticed you looking at me a lot today. You are so obvious. What am I going to do with you?”

Ah, the golden question. “The list is long, my friend. Can I call you back?”

Sarah suddenly opened my door and looked down at Jasmine. What the fuck?! I don’t know what possessed her to do that. Damn! I hate lying, I fucking hate lying! You lose all credibility when you’re caught. And I’m too stupid to categorize and alphabetize my deceptions to access them efficiently. “Sarah, what are you doing? Sarah!”

She ignored me for about five seconds and then Jasmine suddenly appeared in the doorway, pushing it open and staring at Sarah with that aggravated look I usually get when I’ve said something stupid or insensitive.

Oh shit.

The smile on Sarah’s face was massive. Jasmine dwarfed her in height and accentuated Sarah’s width standing next to her like that. Sarah’s a good person and a fucking kick ass assistant. I don’t wish her any malice, but I do wish she’d lay off my girlfriend when she gossips with the others.

If I was secretly hoping for a cat fight, I would have been incredibly disappointed. Instead Jasmine gave her a long, steady look. Then she turned to me. Oh fuck. Is she gonna yell at me?

I tensed up and waited for her to snap. Her patience had to be running pretty damn thin by now with all of this. Priorities shift and keeping our private lives out of the shark pool was soon to become impossible and frankly, not worth the hassle in my opinion. But for now, there was no way in hell I was going to open my mouth.

Jasmine slowly smiled at me. I can't believe it. Hot damn! I’d been given the green light for our official IPO. I grinned like a fool, guilty as a motherfucker and it was written all over my face. Sarah gasped and Jasmine turned around and walked back to her desk, I’m sure, as if she had not just dropped that bomb in my lap.

“I knew it!”

“You didn’t know shit.”

“How long? How long, Jay?”

“About 8 inches.”

“Oh, shut up, you’re sick! How long have you two been dating under our noses?” She wagged her finger at me like I’d been a bad boy or something.

“Five months. Now go away.”

I didn’t have to tell her twice. She walked out and I heard her congratulating Jasmine in a volume that left nobody out of the loop.

Finally. Now when can I tell them what my army of little republicans have done?