Monday, January 17, 2005

Fans of Vannah

A good number of people either care deeply for a little girl they have never met, or really fucking hate me. Either way, bloggers united to raise $1,326.61 for Savannah and her family. Doubled, that comes to $2,653.22. I’m impressed. You should be proud of yourselves.

Donations ranged in amounts from $5.01 to $500.01. A big thank you to everyone and a special fuck you to the bastard with the half a grand donation there at the end. Bastard.

How about a round of applause to the following people:
Helen of France

A few of you specifically asked not to be named and others simply left their donations anonymously. I respect that and will keep it that way. If it’s an oversight just let me know and I’ll add you on here.

This was fun. Thanks for sticking it to me. If you didn’t get to participate the end of the match doesn’t mean you can’t, but I’ll let your conscience guide you on that one.

Tomorrow I’ll write a post about the ceremony. For now, enjoy the view. This background photo was taken on our wedding night at Pappas Steak House.

Great job, folks.