Wednesday, January 26, 2005

May I have the envelope, please?

Jasmine’s middle name is Rayne. It’s the surname of her great-great-yada-yada-grandmother originally from New Orleans in the 1850's or so. The first born daughter was named after her, getting the mom’s middle and last name as her own first and middle. Keep up, it won’t get any easier.

That daughter along with her two sisters attended a college in New England that was unique for its time. It promoted independence for women and encouraged them to demand equality. That shit’s rooted in the DNA. I never had a chance.

The family had a bit of chump change laying about. Not hard to do in the mid-1800’s. Just invent some shit that makes picking cotton easier and bam, you’re a millionaire. So they invested heavily in said college and the girls generated the stirrings of organized feminism in that particular state. Six generations later my wife as a direct descendant has found her way back to the mother land, that being Texas, and done the smartest thing she could have ever done in this quest for independence and equality. She married my ass. Two steps forward, one step back.

Back to the name thing, when the oldest daughter married and had kids of her own, she chose to pass along her mother’s surname just the way she had received it, hence creating this legacy I stumbled into.

That being said, Jasmine chose Autumn Rayne. And you can etch that shit in stone. It ain’t changing, I don’t care what some poll says. The woman’s mind is made up.

For my choice on a second girl’s name I cheated as well. My mom’s name was Olivia. My old man called her Liv. If we get a second girl I’d be really damn pleased to be able to name her Olivia Claire.

On to the boy names. I get first dibs so if a boy is born he’ll be named Benjamin Todd. Jasmine is pretty firm on Ethan Grant for a second boy, but she’s not as confident as she is with Autumn. So that’s what we’ve come up with. Don’t hold me to it. You know how I am about committing to one thing forever and ever amen. Makes my pits sweat.

Benjamin Todd
Ethan Grant

Autumn Rayne
Olivia Claire

Since the voting was anonymous, thank you to the 175-200 unique IP addresses who participated. I was able to rub Jazz's nose into the fact that I picked a way cooler name than she did. It bothers her deep down. Her shifty-eyed glance doesn't fool me with it's look of pseudo boredom.