Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Only the finest art for my readers


In 1865 a controversial painter by the name of Edouard Manet rocked all of Europe with his submission to the Salon of a painting called Opimpia. Combining the old master theme of reclining nudes of Giorgione with more modern themes of purple cow hide coats and luminescent bling bling, Manet created a never before seen masterpiece. A cacophony of color and charm radiates from this historic painting through a sharpness of contrast between innocence and raunchiness.

The alluring whore he chose was both brazen and coy, proud yet humble. The most impressive precision was used to form the man whore’s perky bosom accentuating his strong chin, his delicate shoulders bearing the weight of his thick as a motherfucker neck. Manet used soft, fluttering strokes when filling in the pussy…at the foot of the chaise. His attention to detail as seen in the pimp’s purple glasses and debonair caveat exemplify his dedication as an artist.

When looking at Opimpia, one almost hears the booming voice of the pimp as he holds out his palm for his lovely man whore’s hard earned francs. French Salon visitors of that year were outraged and shocked. Speechless at the audacity of the man whore, stunned by his manly, defiant stare and curvaceous, lush hips, yet mesmerized by his steely eyes and soft, pluckable nipples. Not just any man whore, this one was carefully protected by his pimp as he lay a possessive hand on the knobby, yet feminine man whore knee.

Thankfully, this painting was donated to the Louvre in 1908 so that all of the world for generations to come may look upon such heavenly bodies and know its sweet perversion.