Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Sleep talking

I was sitting in the living room contemplating a little monkey spanking while Jasmine slept when she suddenly walked in, scaring the holy bejesus out of me.

"Did you stoke it?" she asked.

"Son of a-" I yanked my hand out of my pants. "What are you doing up?"

"That's good." She blinked heavily, turned around and went back to bed.

Now I'm having Bobby flashbacks.

I want to sincerely thank all of you who wasted precious finger strokes to vote for me in the BoB contest when you could have been stroking something else. I am assured a second place finish and quite frankly that is fine with me. I know this contradicts my freakish nature to win at all costs but two weeks is a long time to put you folks through this and hell I'm tired. You guys are fucking phenomonol, phenomo, phen, fuck it, you guys rock. Or as the Greek say, you guys fuck and beat! Yeah, I know, but Ksenia swears that's true.

So, alas, thus, hence, you may relax and stop voting and I may stop checking all day long. We know we're the bigger whores deep down in our hearts. By the way, we owe O'Pimpia his share of the earnings. Thanks for second place guys. That's really cool. Be sure to congratulate Lisa when it's over. She's got a pretty cool blog, the cow.