Friday, January 07, 2005

Sunnyside up

The babies are alive. I don't fucking know how, but we watched them flipping around, kicking each other and I think Baby B gave the sonographer a webbed finger, not sure.

Even the doctor was surprised. He said there is no evidence of big-medical-word-here or anything else that indicates separation of the placentas. They are firmly planted and thriving. Which means last night had nothing to do with them, but with Jasmine.

In the image they gave us it looks like a pair of fried eggs in a skillet. The yolks are their heads. The whites are the fluids they swim in and the specks of pepper on the lower egg are the hands. On the upper egg they're the right hand and right foot. Thank god somebody knows how to read that shit or I would have thought the daddy was a guy named Denny's. They look at lot different from last time.

When the doctor asked her if she was dealing with any stressful outside issues right now I folded my arms and stared at her. She wouldn't even look at me. She told him nothing more so than usual. I didn't have to call her a liar, she knows she is.

He said since the babies are fine it's one of two things. Either she is continuing to have periods since the bleeding seems to occur almost like clockwork, or something else. Something else? That's his educated guess? Thanks, Einstein.

We're at home now. I read Savannah's page as soon as I logged on. Jazz spent all week shopping for Renee to find things that would lift her spirits. I don't know what I'm gonna say to her when she asks me if there's any news.

I gotta run to the office and twist some heads off. If I miss some of you before I get back, have a great weekend. Savannah and the babies are all going to be fine many months from now. I have decided. Look down the road. They're all down there waiting for us to quit with the moaning and crying and catch the fuck up.