Sunday, January 23, 2005

Texas, Our Texas

I’m sitting outside right now in the swing on the back porch. It’s 70 degrees and sunny and the only time of year that allows me to do this without risking West Nile or Malaria. Every summer when it gets hot, I mean really hot, I always say I’m going to leave. 105 degrees with 100% humidity is miles past miserable, it’s outright insane.

But the truth is I could never leave Texas. I would move around within the state, but I’d never leave. I’m a Texan. I love this state and the mentality of the people here. I love the pride and prestige. Maybe it’s all in my head, and it probably is. But this is where my head is. You can’t earn a Texas birthright. You inherit it. My kids will be Texans. That’s the first gift I’ll give them.

If I want the beach, I’ll go to Galveston. If I want trees I’ll head to Longview. If I want rolling hills and awesome landscapes I’ll settle in Austin. If I want the Rockies I’ll take IH10 to El Paso. Lubbock’s got all the snow I would ever need and Dallas has America’s football team, or at least, it’s close enough to it. Big city life is right here in Houston. Twenty miles north I get trees and land, twenty miles southwest I get open range. I can eat a slice of pizza with the local Sears Auto Shop mechanic on my left and George H. Bush and his men in black on my right.

Yeah, we got mosquitos. And it’s hot as a motherfucker in September. And May, June, July and August for that matter. But I don’t have to leave Texas to get away from it.

Every time I go to Austin I just want to suck in the air and plant my feet. Not within the city, but in those nice areas on top of the hills just north of Austin. Ain’t nothing prettier than the capitol all lit up at night. Nearly everyone there is a graduate from UT, but I can forgive them for that.

Regardless, if I ever do move it won’t be out of this state. Texas is a part of me, I can’t imagine not being a part of it.

That being said, a vacation home in Maui is not out of the question.