Saturday, July 02, 2005

Coming home

Olivia's coming home with her brother today. I'm here getting a few things ready before I go get them since we weren't expecting them for another week at least.

Thanks for the congratulations. I read all 125 comments. Someone asked about the hats; they're provided by the hospital. And thanks to Julie for posting for me. Now I've gotta change my password.

It's so fucking surreal. All I did is take my wife to the hospital, now they're sending us home with two other people. Do we look like we know what the fuck to do with them? Those are people, dammit. What the hell do you mean they're mine? Bullshit.

I've got a shitload of gift cards for Babys R Us to spend today. That's my assignment. One of the things on my list is nipple protectors. You know, this time last year, I was cool. I was a fucking stud. Now I'm looking for maxi pads for leaky tiddies and nipple protectors.

OK, I wasn't going to get into this right now, but what in the hell is that green sticky shit oozing from their asses? For the love of god! They sleep and shit.

Jazz is testy today. She's fed up with the 87 visitors she's had and the 14 minutes of sleep. It hasn't bothered me none. They fight to change the diapers. Go for it.

She sent me home last night. Told me she wanted to be alone with the twins. I pretended to be bothered and then hauled ass back home. I took a shower and had just lay down in bed when the phone rang. Apparently, Ben was crying and she couldn't get Olivia "latched on" and she'd already called the nurse in three times for help and didn't want to bother her again.

"Honey, she loves to be bothered. Push the button."

"Jay, please." This is where the crying began. "I can't do this."

Like I could say no to that.

This morning I filled the truck with all of the flowers and stuffed animals and free crap the hospital gave us and brought it all back here.

Right now, when I stop typing for a moment.......the house is silent. I hear the clock ticking and nothing more. Something tells me this is the eye of the storm.